Welcome @ Closed Session Recording Studio !

A high end recording facility based in the west(Flanders) of Belgium since the beginning of the ‘90s.
The studio is based around an SSL 4000G+ console and has a large collection of vintage and modern high-end equipment, along with an impressive choice of vintage and new mics and a live room with superior sound. This offers you the best in both digital and analogue technology.
We’re specialized in recording instruments played by real people that are creative and make music with hart and soul.
At Closed Session Recording Studio, we work for you, the musician, your point of view, delivering a finished product with a fat sound.


Recording & Mixing: We track and mix your songs with the best tools and with a lot of experience.

Mastering, re-Mastering, online mastering: We Prepare your tracks for today’s standard.

Live recording: We support you to get the most out of your live performance

Total Musical Production: We put together the right team to give the songs the best they deserve.

Coaching/Producing: We help you realize your songs and take them to the next level.

Press service CD & Vinyl: We work together with a number of quality pressing plants.

Duplication Service: We can provide you with a small amount of duplication cds.

Online publishing: We guide you to get your songs online in a correct way.

Video caption o/t Session: Perform live and shoot a video in the studio.

Perform live and record a video with a small audience around you, everyone in the audience is provided with headphones.

Tape archiving and transfering to digital: We digitize your old tapes even in bad condition.